Chicken Cacciatore Soup



1 Rotisserie Chicken

3 cups of chicken broth (to make your own remove the skin and the meat. Boil the bones in about 5-6 cups of water, reduce with onion, celery heart. Carrots and bay leave for about an hour and a half for broth)

2 – 28 oz cans of spaghetti sauce

1- 160z jar of salsa

5-6 oz of shredded Asaigo cheese.

Italian seasoning ( if needed)

1-2 bay leaves


Add broth .salsa , seasoning , bay leaes and tomato sauce – let simmer for a while ( 30 minutes ) add asiago , Let simmer again.. Add chicken last 30 minutes of cooking.


Can be put togther on low in crock pot as well



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