Kick’n chicken Cordon bleu

kickn chicken sliced


6-7 slices of bacon

1 lb of ground chicken breast

2 Tbs Feta cheese

1 tsp Tamari sauce

1 ½ TBS of Weber Kick’n chicken

Thick slices of your cheese preference (these are to be rolled up in the meat)

Mix the ground chicken breast with feta ,tamari sauce and kickn’ chicken

On a piece of wax paper lay out 6- 7 slices of bacon

Spoon out chicken mixture on the bacon slices and smooth a thin layer. I placed another piece of wax paper and used a rolling pin to get a consistent layer. Roll up.

Place in oven appropriate dish. Cook low on 250 convection or 275 regular oven for about 45 minutes. This will slowly cook the roll from inside to out. Rotate on Broil until bacon is brown.

Slice and Serve




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