Spring Rolls

In my  efforts to try to keep my recipes low carb, gluten & grain free  every once in a while I come up with  a  really yummy receipe.  This happened other night when I decided to try the Spring Roll skins I purchased a while ago from an Asian Market.  Now while these skins are not grain free (they are made from rice flour & tapioca starch) they are low carb.  These skins come in at 4 carbs each.  These are not to be confused with Spring roll pastry or wonton wrappers which are made with flour and higher in carbs.

My Swiss CheeseSteak Spring Roll recipe is the first variation of many I plan to create. Although  I plan on  recreating more of the tradtional spring roll (shrimp spring roll), some of my experiments will include Buffalo chicken roll, Faux Stromboli, and a breakfast roll.  I will try to be more deligent in my updates.

spring roll skin


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