Comfort Dinner


Since today is a gray, rainy and miserable day I’m in the mood for some comfort food.  One of my go to comfort dishes is pot roast, mashed potato’s and biscuits.  Since two of these three items are not on my g.g.s free diet I will need to re-vamp.

The pot roast will only need some tweaking – water chestnut flour or arrow root to thicken the gravy instead of cornstarch or flour.  I will replace my potato mash with cauliflower mashed.  Now, if you’re like me you are probably thinking, that’s not a replacement for creamy mashed potatoes.  Well I have to tell you, done properly it is!  This coming from a person who won’t eat cauliflower any other way. I was pleasantly surprised when my friend Lois encouraged me to try them.  I have had these years ago, and no way did they pass for potatoes. I think the key is steaming the cauliflower and then whipping them in a food processor (and of course the butter and cream).

Early into grain free living I started perusing the internet for some bread alternatives and one of the best ones I found was Red Lobsters Biscuits.  Of course this version is grain free.  I can’t believe I only made these once because they are very good.  I guess I don’t miss bread that much 🙂

So tonight I am preparing Slow Roasted Pot Roast, Mashed Cauliflower, and Grain Free Cheddar Bay Biscuits


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