I can’t believe it’s low carb lasagna

Picked up this recipe for no carb ricotta crepes at  DJfoodie.com .  While reading through the comments I saw a post indicating the crepe would a good subsitution for the lasagna noodles.  Well I figured I would give it a go and the result was fabulous.  Even the no grain haters in the family(you know who you are) loved my I Can’t believe its low carb lasagna and couldn’t taste the difference.  In the recipe below there is a link to my low carb Meatballs. Warning- it is a bulk recipe.  I am the type of cook where if I am going to make a mess in my kitchen I want it to cover several dinners.  I take what I need for the dinner I am cooking and freeze the rest.

Can't believe its low carb lasagna

Can’t believe its low carb lasagna

No carb meatballs

No carb meatballs


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